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FAQs (Herboliv+)


| Animal Repellent + Plant Growth Promoter )

1) How should i use this product ?

Should do foliar spray thoroughly on the entire crop using power /motorized / battery sprayers only.


Should do soil application during irrigation


2) How frequently should i do the application ?

For control of wild animals--- 7 or 10 days once in 1st month and 15 days once in 2nd and 3rd month. Application to be done during the period of animal intrusion.


For control of pest and insects---7 or 10 days once in 1st month  and every 15 days once till end of crop cycle


For control of fungal disease---should consult us as it differs based on the intensity of the problem


For improving crop growth---15 days once till end of crop cycle


For improving soil fertility---10 liters Herboliv to be mixed in 10 lit water and let it during irrigation for 1 acre every month.


3) What are the Benefits?

  1. Controls wild animals like elephant, deer, boar, gaur, rats, rabbits, peacock, porcupine, monkey, nilgay.

  2. Repels all kind of minor and major pest including insects

  3. Controls fungal disease

  4. Improves soil biological properties thus changing the soil structure .

  5. Improves water retention.

  6. Improves quality and shelf life and taste of the end produce

  7. Improves the yield considerably                                                                                                          Can be used for all crops aged more than 1 month. All the above 7 benefits in a single product


Reduces cost of production considerably


4) What is the pack size?

5 liter plastic can

50 liter plastic can

200 liter plastic can


5) Is this product certified ?

YES. It is tested and certified by Tamilnadu Agriculture University (TNAU), Coimbatore


6) Does this affect wild animals or the humans applying this product or the crop ?

NO. This product being Bio, it wont affect the animals or the humans or the crop. There will be no chemical residues in the crop even if it is applied for the entire crop cycle as recommended. Organic nature of the crop will be retained by using this product.


7) Does this affect pollination done by honey bee ?

NO. It wont affect honey bees in any way since its target is not to eat the crops like animals and insects and pest. It is used in organic farms and the farm can very well get organic certification even if this product is used.

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