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Amazing Results for Repelling Nilgai and Cows using Herboliv+ for Wheat Crop | Animal Repellent

In this video, farmers will share positive feedback for nilgai and cows.Results are amazing. Watch Now... Watch this video to see how you can use Herboliv+ to achieve incredible results. After you watch this video, you'll know just how amazing this product is. Our INNOVATIVE product HERBOLIV+ is an innovative bio liquid,acts as animal repellent for agriculture + Crop growth promoter. SOLUTION !!!!WORKS BEST FOREVER.. SINGLE ORGANIC PRODUCT WHICH SOLVES ALL YOUR PROBLEMS....INNOVATIVE HERBOLIV+ ...NOW WITH DRONE FACILITY AVAILABLE... BENEFITS: A good pest control for plants. Improves microbial growth. A good nutrient absorption. Helps to increase your soil's water retention by acting as bio fertilizer. Being bio, Protects crops from wild animals. Acts as animal repellent for agriculture + Crop growth promoter. Improves crop yield. Improves plant nutrients. Improves shelf-life of end produce. TNAU CERTIFIED PRODUCT. For more details visit our website: Subscribe and watch new videos : @herboliv Visit our Official Site: Follow us on Facebook for new updates : Phone: 9843068291


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