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To reduce METHANE EMISSION by improving overall digestion of feed inputs in livestock by using our special herbal mix for large ruminants, (dairy animals) small ruminants, (Goat and sheep) and also in poultry to reduce AMMONIA EMISSION.

METHANE EMISSION reduction from livestock not only helps for having better environment, but mainly it helps in saving the energy being un-utilized by the animal thus leading to higher per unit cost of the nutrient formulated in the feed.


All varieties are produced with addition of our Herbal Mix. Herbal Mix consists of beneficial microbes and bacteria.

The Herbal extracts and the microbial culture developed has several beneficial properties like digesting overall feed & fiber very effectively and result in better yield, quality of milk & then finally the animal health which can be observed in better shining within 30-45 days.


All varieties of our cattle feed will perform equal & better than other brands having 1-2 % higher nutrient value. This is because of our “HERBAL MIX” which helps to utilize the nutrients effectively than other brand which leads to better performance at lesser product cost.

Herbal mix developed by us improves the rumen microbes (beneficial) and to maintain a healthy gut micro flora.


Bad odour in cow dung will be very much reduced and cow dung will be very fine without having much of undigested feed particles. Animal is the lab. It will display all the effects of the feed which has been consumed.