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Industry Experience: More than 43 years

Past State Board President of Compound Livestock Feed Manufacturers Association (CLFMA) during 80's. Best performance award received from District Collector in the year 1999.

He has been a successful serial entrepreneur from the beginning of his career. His entrepreneurship was started from his agriculture activity in the year 1973 at his age of 26. He was a serial entrepreneur developing different kind of products for Agriculture & Animal feed industry.

In the year 1973, he started animal feed industry as a licensed manufacturer of erstwhile market leader M/s Mysore Feeds. Later he acquired PROVIMI PRODUCTS PVT LTD from bangalore which was meant for Lucen De-Hydration. He started adding many products in to the company profile like feed supplements, vet pharmaceuticals, laboratory animal feed like rabbit feed & deer nuts, pet food.

In the year 1975, his first Innovation was producing palm candy with 300 trees. This was followed with doing integrated agriculture activity by rearing ducks, sheeps ,poultry, cattle & honey bees in the year 1975. Jaggery balls was then produced in the same year. Indigenous fish culture was done.

During 80's feed supplements like MINERAL BLOCK was produced and exported to Malaysia for 10 years continuously. It was also exported to Gulf countries & Ceylon.

In the year 1988, he started dry land farming at kongahalli ,Thalavadi. It was started as natural farming which then evolved in to organic farming using his own Bio inputs and further it evolved in to Bio-Dynamic farming. It was certified by control union --Netherland for 3 years continuously and had a tie-up with ITC for export of its fruits. His farm was used for all kind of In-house R&D meant for cattle, sheep, pigeons, Honey Bee keeping.

During 90's, he has exported neem pellets & uneven granules to Malaysia continuously for 5 years for agriculture purpose. First company from India to export poultry chick pellets & crumbles to Ceylon continuously.

In the year 1990, he developed indigenous Aqua feed using special squid meal attractant which was appreciated by CFTRI mysore. This was first of its kind in India.

In the year 1990, developed indigenous floating fish feed & crumbles which was first of its kind in India.

In the year 1995, launched poultry chick crumbles which was first of its kind in south India.

In the year 2000, developed whole feed (plant fibre based) for livestock which was first of its kind in India and no one produces till now. It was exported to Gulf countries. In the same year, he developed Bio Mass pellets for cooking purpose.

Having a forethought on the future of animal feed industry & Agriculture, succession planning was started in the year 1999 where his son Mr.G.V.SUDARSHAN was given exposure on the export market mainly Malaysia during his second year of graduation. Having understood the future & scope of growth for Herbal based animal feed industry & Agriculture Inputs, he made his son to involve in that developmental aspects.


M.A Philosophy

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