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Mr.G.V.Sudarshan, a bio-chemist by qualification joined the family business in the year  2000 and started focusing on Research & Development, Product Development and Business Development. His persistent efforts on studying the problems in Animal Feed industry , Aqua Feed , Agriculture sector and R&D resulted in multiple nature & herbal based innovations. These innovative products are available in the market since 2015 and made huge disruption due to its quality and price.

MIVIPRO  formed in the year 2019 is focused  to provide Innovative,Environmental friendly, cost effective, sustainable solutions for livestock & Agriculture farmers .The innovations in livestock and Agriculture are available in the market since 2015 and made huge disruption due to its quality and price and  Innovative Retail Business Model . The flagship product  Innovative Herboliv+ has reached across India to solve the sensitive issue of agriculture farmers (Man - Animal conflict)  



To become a socially responsible, R&D driven and global  brand and create a positive impact in the health of  livestock ,  human and carbon footprint.



To improve the livelihood of livestock  & agriculture farmers in sustainable manner by enabling them to achieve reduced cost of inputs, improved quality & quantity of yield and bettered health of the livestock , crop quality through our Innovative products and  Innovative Retail Business Model.



HERBOLIV+Bio liquid produced using a combination of different botanical extracts and other natural products.


The Innovation helps to mask the odour of the crop and makes the crop non- palatable for wild animals. This makes the wildlife to change its direction and move to different place nearby.


This solution may sound simple but the challenge is to ensure the crop quality, animal health without creating any adverse impact on the environment.


Our Innovation helps to keep the eco system intact. It helps to retain the organic nature of the crop. It helps to improve yield and shelf life of the end produce. It helps to improve soil fertility by improving the biological properties of the soil and helps for profile root growth thus helping the roots to absorb the nutrients quickly. It helps for wildlife protection.


Can be used for all kind of crops. (cash crops, flowers, fruits, vegetables, spices, tea, coffee, greenhouse crops, etc)


"Technology Business Incubator,Tamil Nadu Agricultural  University,Coimbatore"

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